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"Have a space that reflects who you are, and you'll always feel that it is a part of you"

Paige Groomes graduated with honors from Sheridan College Advanced Interior Design Program.  Since graduating she has completed a full spectrum of design projects, some can be seen in features from Our Homes Magazine and Muskoka Magazine.

Paige's ability to work within any design style has made her creativity flourish through the spaces she creates. She feels that bringing innovative and truly unique designs to a space is what reflects the clients personality. The mix of styles, shapes, textures etc. in a space is what describes and demonstrates the personality of the client through their interiors. Paige enjoys bringing new and fresh ideas to the table that differentiate each clients needs, wants and likes. Her strengths in vision are what help clients to be able to love and feel inspired in the spaces they live in. 



Paige Groomes

Principal Designer & Owner

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